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Grunty répond à vos questions xbox-360

Dragon mardi 18 novembre 2008 à 01:35 | 13619 0

Voici les réponses aux questions de Banjo & Kazooie sur le site de Rareware. Leur réponses sont en anglais et extraites du site.

Sean Marchese

I just bought a blue rat and named it Kaz after the adventurous spirit you both share. Were there any adventures before Tooty (currently MIA) was kidnapped? How did you and Banjo meet, and where can I find such a ridiculously comfortable, large, and fashionable backpack? Also what 360 games have you been playing in your downtime?

BANJO: I wasn’t all that keen on adventures until I found Kazooie. To be honest I don’t know where the backpack came from, she was in it when I found her. She seemed a bit confused – she had a headache and her breath smelled funny.

KAZOOIE: I’d just been out, er… shopping… and I fell asleep. And don’t make it sound like we’ve done nothing but play games for the last eight years! We’ve… we’ve… what else have we done, Banjo? Wasn’t there something about flying? I can’t have just dreamed that.
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Larry Keller

To Banjo: You and Kazooie really couldn't be much more different, what with your mostly kind nature and her horribly abusive personality. How do you guys stay such good friends? Also, have you any idea what happened to Tooty after the original adventure? Finally, what's up with your house? It's been eight years and it just looks like you tried to repair it but gave up halfway through.

To Kazooie: Seeing as you are obviously the real star around here, any idea why you only get second billing? How did you guys not notice the large witch's lair right across from your house until your first adventure? Finally, how's the magic wrench working out? It seems pretty cool to me.

BANJO: We don’t get many visitors, and Kazooie always convinces me that my time would be better spent carrying her to the fridge or ordering pizza than trying to clean the place up. As for how we stay friends, well, you know, she’s not always as confrontational as she seems…

KAZOOIE: What’s your deal, Fat Larry? It’s no good trying to butter me up when you’ve just called me ‘horribly abusive’. Better than being a spotty, unpopular Facebook geek!
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Joe Modzeleski

Hey Banjo, If you wanted that Ice Key so bad, why didn't you just melt the ice wall in Wozza's cave, it would've saved you from ten years of conspiracy theories.

And, Kazooie, are you currently seeing anyone ?

BANJO: Well, if I’d known then what I know now… I, uh, probably still wouldn’t have done it. That’s criminal damage you’re talking about!

KAZOOIE: Seeing anyone? Fortunately I don’t have to see any of you lot, just your idiotic questions. Have a nice day!
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Brandon Foster

Banjo i like your games very much, Would you tell me if you have some brainwashing machine to make people like your game... or are you just extremely awesome?

Kazooie please tell me something sarcastic.

BANJO: Is that like a washing machine for brains? It was bad enough being turned into a washing machine full of pants. I’ve had a bit of a washing phobia since those days. It’s just as well these shorts are so hard-wearing and Kazooie is naturally hygienic…

KAZOOIE: Hi Brandon! Far be it from me to let you down. I really love what you’ve done with your hair, and your fashion sense is cutting-edge! How’s that?
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Sivert Fjeldstad Madsen

Question for Banjo:
Which game did you like best: Banjo-Kazooie or Banjo-Tooie?

Question for Kazooie:
How could you actually agree to be in this game at all when you got all your awesome moves robbed away?:O Remember back in the old days when all you ever wanted to do was learn how to fly? Now you can't even escape Banjo's backpack! You should complain to someone.

BANJO: Don’t make me choose! It was great to be able to save Tooty, but the next adventure was more of a challenge, even if it did involve ten times more running... oh my, all the running… I’m exhausted. Kazooie, you take over…

KAZOOIE: I didn’t agree to anything! That L.O.G. guy didn’t give us a choice! I’m not saying another word until my lawyer gets here – no, wait, I think Bottles is my lawyer. That’ll never work.
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Dirk Van Der Meulen

Banjo: what do you prefer playing on microsofts consoles or nintendo?

kazooie: what would you do if you woke up in gruntys backpack (if she had one)?

KAZOOIE: I’d peck her ears off before working with that porky old hag, and I certainly wouldn’t be carrying her anywhere. And stop projecting your fanboy dilemmas onto Banjo! He’s too simple to understand these things.
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Jay Moser

Kazooie, what are your thoughts on the abuse you've taken from Banjo over the years? Breegull Bash, Breegull Blaster, vomiting and passing a variety of eggs, etc.?

KAZOOIE: I like to think I give as good as I get, just in a more intellectual way. Besides, getting to trash bosses and pelt eggs at Grunty’s stupid face is worth all the discomfort.
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Thomas Starke

Banjo: Would you love to get some help from Fizzlybear? Banjo, is Fizzlybear your brother or are you in other relationships?

Kazooie: Why do you always make fun of POOR Bottles?

BANJO: I suppose all bears are brothers… kind of. I haven’t been personally introduced to any Fizzlybears, but I’m sure there’s room for all of us.

KAZOOIE: Banjo and his political correctness – he can be almost as boring as Bottles! Speaking of which, you want to know why I always make fun of Goggle Boy? Because he’s short, annoying, can’t see properly and doesn’t have a sense of humour. You’re right, he’s probably poor too – he does live in a hole.
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Craig Cullen

would you say that that showdown town is an revolutionised version of jinjo village?

and also does the vehicles replace the transformations?

BANJO: I don’t really know what to say about Showdown Town, other than it’s not much like Jinjo Village. I didn’t even realise there’d been a Jinjo revolution. King Jingaling didn’t mention it either. Is that why he moved to Showdown Town?

It’s true, no transformations this time around, thank L.O.G. Sorry if you’re disappointed, but just imagine trying to walk again after you’ve been in the shape of a bee or a van for the last hour.
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Garrett Kaser

1: Both, Do you ever tire of Banjo Theories at RWP?
#2: Do you have any family members? Same for Kazooie.
#3: Don't you think Gruntilda is overdoing it with the whole "back from the dead thing"? Its time for her to step down.
#4: C'mon, be honest, did you like working for Nintendo more than Microsoft?
#5: Is it time for fans to let go of Stop N Swop for the old games and realize that you can never find it?

BANJO: Rubee’s Waffle Place? I didn’t realise they talked about us so much in there. You’re right about Grunty though, I’m starting to doubt she’ll ever be gone for good. Maybe we should try to reform her instead and build her a nice granny flat in the back garden?

KAZOOIE: Ugh. Let’s not. In answer to your other questions: I have plenty of family members (none of whom have ever saved the world, I might add), we leave the whole dirty business of employment in the hands of other people, and Stop ‘N’ Swop will probably be around for as long as Grunty so you’d better get used to it.
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Eoin O’Drisceoil

Heyo, guys! I'm a long time fan, first time writer.

So, Banjo, I've always wondered... what happened to your voice between BK and BT? It’s been said that honey is really good for your voice; maybe your gluttonous diet of delicious honey delayed your voice from being broken? Did time finally catch up with you during your two-year break from honey-guzzling?

Also, have you seen your sister Tooty around recently? No reason, just, you know... she might be dead by now, or P.S. I caught a glimpse of that new suit you got yourself. Killer threads, Daddy B.

BANJO: I think Tooty must still be playing that game of hide-and-seek we started about nine years ago. She never gives up. Did you say a break from honey-guzzling? Never! Maybe I just matured as an individual and my voice changed to express that new-found self-confidence.

KAZOOIE: Have you been flicking through Bottles’ self-help books again?
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Austin Griffin

Hi Kazooie,
im a big fan, i just want to tell you you're a sexy goddess and i love you.

KAZOOIE: Thanks. But as the odds of you being a Breegull are fairly slim, there wasn’t much point in you telling me that in front of all these people, was there?
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Tyler Burns

doesn't that ice key get cold in your backpack?

BANJO: I dunno. Kazooie?

KAZOOIE: Next question. It’s worse if I start thinking about it. Let’s just hope someone comes up with a use for the flipping thing soon.
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Craig Conrad


First off, I want to say that I am a huge fan of the B-K series.

Now on to my questions:

1. Do you have any ill will towards Mario and company?
2. Are there any Nintendo references in Nuts and Bolts, or the Xbox live remake of the original?
3. If asked, would Banjo and Kazooie fight in Super Smash Bros?
4. Finally, how was the transition from the N64 to the Xbox 360? Is the core elements still realized in Nuts and Bolts (in addition to all of the vehicle options)? I am looking forward to this game with great anticipation.

Thanks for considering my questions!

BANJO: Core elements still realized? I, uh… I… yes? Maybe?

KAZOOIE: Now look, you’ve confused the simpleton again. No, I don’t bear any ill will towards anyone except Grunty, those two grotty sisters of hers, and some other people including Bottles and perhaps a bit of residual resentment towards Klungo. We don’t put the references in, don’t ask us – it’s creative licence, we just provide the inspiration. And yes, I reckon we’d be a pretty good match for some of those Smash Bros. weirdoes. So what if there are two of us? The Ice Climbers get away with it, and they haven’t had a game of their own for even longer than us…
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Carter Donavan DeAngelis

how silly of me, i forgot to ask, its so difficult to stay on task! answer my question, do not delay, for it is of the utmost emergency! is there any way to undo the spell, of that witch with that smell? she cast it upon me one-two-three, now all i witness are ryhmes-to-be! she is foul, arrogant, and must be stopped, she is a zit, for she cannot be popped! I ask of thee if not too much trouble, please stop her and make her grumble! ending her life is the only way, please hurry up and do not delay!hurry and return me to the way i was, dont stop to take a pause!

BANJO: I don’t know much about poetry, but I really don’t think ‘delay’ rhymes with ‘emergency’.

KAZOOIE: Hmm, which is worse? Your rhyming or the fact that you’re coming right out and asking us to commit murder?
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Michael Martin Baller

A got a question for the both of you.

Banjo: Did you get a new backpack? I liked your bag in Banjo-Tooie a lot.

Kazooie: Why can't you do more than use a wrench? Talon Trotting was one of your coolest moves.

BANJO: No, same old backpack. Since Kazooie’s diet plan fell to pieces, I don’t think I could prise her out of it now even if I wanted to.

KAZOOIE: Watch it, furball! Talon Trot? I reckon I could still do it… if I tried really hard… but waving this wrench around is so much less effort, you know?
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Steve Carley

Banjo, where can i buy your whole wardrobe? It's a step up from epic.

BANJO: These shorts are a family heirloom! You can’t buy them in any shops! I have to patch them up every so often when bits start to fall off, so there’s not much of the original material left. But epic is the right word, they’ve been with me through all sorts of adventures. They’re like an old friend. If it came down to a choice between Kazooie and the shorts…
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Wagman Pete

With Kazooie spending awfully long periods of time in your Rucksack, i must ask you, what Fabric Conditioner do you use?

BANJO: I don’t need anything like that, Kazooie gives it a good scrub from time to time with spit and feathers. It still smells fresh after all these years… or maybe we just got used to the overpowering stench.
-------------------------- -------------------------- -------------------------- ---------------
Demetrius S.

Can you make Rare put the Jet Force Gemini games on XBLA?

KAZOOIE: No way! There’s only room for a certain number of animal heroes around here, and I’m not giving that stupid tank-dog a chance to steal my glory… I mean our glory.
-------------------------- -------------------------- -------------------------- ---------------
Samuel Banducci

Hey Banjo hows it going? i have a question for you and Kazooie

Banjo where has your sister Tooty been in the last few years she still single xDD lololol but im serious >:l

Kazooie How do you Manage to get clean in Banjo's backpack ._. what stuff does he keep in there anything intresting in there like uhh.... yah xD well nice asking you these questions~

BANJO: I can only understand about half of what he’s saying. Can you make out the rest, Kazooie?

KAZOOIE: Dunno, something about staying clean… it’s usually fine, but I do feel a bit soiled after trying to read some of these letters.


Voici les réponses aux questions de Mumbo

Sean Marchese

Here's a dilemma: if Grunty was ever truly defeated you'd get your face back, but chances are, business would slump without an evil witch. Any news on transformation magic making a comeback? Plan to woo Humba? What are some memories from Handsome Shaman Institute?

MUMBO: Business definitely nosedive in last few years while Grunty out of action. Even mechanic business suddenly super-busy since witch back in town. Not matter if witch defeated though, Mumbo get handsome face back and become successful male model. As for other questions, Mumbo more likely to woo Mingella than Humba, and most memories of Handsome Shaman Institute are when Mumbo do best at everything and make all other students cry like babies.
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Larry Keller
Why do you and Humba have such a bitter rivalry? And how are you so impossibly awesome?

MUMBO: Larry answer own question. Because Mumbo so awesome, Humba get jealous and try to spread rumour that Mumbo actually rubbish. It never work because Mumbo happy to demonstrate awesomeness at drop of hat.
-------------------------- -------------------------- -------------------------- ---------------
Joe Modzeleski

Will you turn me into a sandwhich ?

MUMBO: Only big fool ask to change into something he not even able to spell. Lucky you not want to turn into dachshund or rhinoceros.
-------------------------- -------------------------- -------------------------- ---------------
Sivert Fjeldstad Madsen

What did you use all those Mumbo-tokens for? Do you still keep them somewhere?

MUMBO: At one time Mumbo go through Gothic phase and hope to build big throne for hut out of silver skulls. Mumbo soon collect enough and start to build throne, then get freaked out and go back to tatty old chair. Not know where Tokens are now, Minjos probably steal from Mumbo’s bins.
-------------------------- -------------------------- -------------------------- ---------------
Jay Moser

Where, exactly, did you go on vacation during winter in Click Clock Wood? You got a head start on climbing that coconut tree and putting together those secret pictures, didn't you.

MUMBO: Click Clock Wood just weird, keep changing and do Mumbo’s head in. Mumbo have to retreat to secret holiday home to stop from going mad. As if Mumbo give away location of relaxing winter getaway.
-------------------------- -------------------------- -------------------------- ---------------
Darren Gargette

Question : Any chance of seeing a Tumble Dryer Banjo, it'd go well with my Wishy Washy Banjo!

MUMBO: No transformation job too great for Mumbo. Unfortunately not certified by Shamanic Union at moment so have to find other contractor. Not Humba Wumba, she rubbish.
-------------------------- -------------------------- -------------------------- ---------------
Thomas Starke

Who created Mingy Jongo? Grunty? Was it a punishment for your bad actions again?

MUMBO: Mumbo not do bad actions. Definitely not bad enough to deserve stupid cyborg impersonator. Not know who make it, Grunty never own up… maybe it Klungo. Seem to be kind of useless thing Klungo like to invent.
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Andreas Nordvall

Hey Mumbo, what was the deal with you saying "Grunty nice, come back to Mumbo's skull, yes?" at every Game Over screen in the first Banjo-Kazooie? What are you, somekinda two-faced, double-crossing, traitor who fools around with your best friends arch enemy once you spot a nice pair o'…

MUMBO: Mumbo more cunning than anybody know. Have clever plan to wait till Grunty think she come out on top, then lure her back to skull where Mumbo turn tables and transform her into tortoise or something. That all there is to it. Why everybody so suspicious these days?
-------------------------- -------------------------- -------------------------- ---------------
Jon Hussein McGuire
How long have you been a Shaman? How are you liking your new career running a motor store? Is there anything going on between you and Humba Wumba?

MUMBO: Only arguments and dirty looks go on between Mumbo and Humba Wumba. She still try to say Mumbo big amateur. Mumbo think Humba just try to cover up attraction to Mumbo’s manly nature. Still annoying though.
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Juan Andres Borzone

Mumbo, are you a Jinjo?

MUMBO: Mumbo never so insulted in whole life.
-------------------------- -------------------------- -------------------------- ---------------
Joseph D’Amico

Hey Mumbo!

I remember hearing about your disagreement with Gruntilda and her subsequent transforming your face into a skull.

So, do you think you'll ever become the "handsome shaman" you once were? What do you think will cause this reverse transformation?

And what will you look like?

MUMBO: This very personal question. Stupid witch change Mumbo’s head to skull long time ago, supposedly it change back when Grunty beaten. Grunty get stomped plenty times since then. Mumbo still have skull head. Must be conspiracy. But like Mumbo say, he still handsome so no big deal. Also save money at Halloween.
-------------------------- -------------------------- -------------------------- ---------------
Droo Rich0

mumbo, why did you go into mechanics?

MUMBO: Magic business hit by credit crunch, nobody pay to be transformed for long time. Mumbo hear rumour that next big adventure all about machines instead, so clever shaman set up garage operation in Showdown Town. Next thing Mumbo know, L.O.G. show up and give Mumbo crucial role. All go according to plan. Mumbo sharp, like pointy stick.
-------------------------- -------------------------- -------------------------- ---------------
Oscar Felix Goovaerts Fjellstad

akom-ikom-ukom, ukom-anna-ikom-bukom?

MUMBO: Eekumbokum. Your accent terrible. But in answer to question: yes, definitely. Maybe throw in free spark plugs and oil change as well.
-------------------------- -------------------------- -------------------------- ---------------
Michael Martin Baller

Will we get to see you in your skirt again?

MUMBO: Skirt! Oomenacka. Handsome Shaman Institute encourage students to find own ritual costume, Mumbo go for something simple and practical but classically elegant. Not wear at moment though, not feel right if not currently engaged in shamanic practice.
-------------------------- -------------------------- -------------------------- ---------------
Chris Carroll

Mumbo, have you ever considered multi-careering? I think that you would be the star of the game if you ran your motor shop AND used your magic.

MUMBO: All people with taste already know who real star. Like Mumbo say, this adventure not about magic. Not bother Mumbo, bored of turning bear into pumpkin and stuff anyway, waste of great shaman talent. Look like Humba still follow Mumbo everywhere like bad smell though.
-------------------------- -------------------------- -------------------------- ---------------
Skye Reynolds

Question, Mumbo: Why is your skin pink/purpleish pink?
and 2: Will we EVER see what you looked like before the "Witch Incident"?
A response would be much appreciate Mr. Jumbo.
Cheers, Skye

MUMBO: Why, what colour your skin? This perfectly normal where Mumbo come from. Anyway, not stand out from crowd when surrounded by pig-men and rhino-women and police weasels and evil Minjos.

Hopefully one day Mumbo get real handsome face back. Stupid witch not be around forever. This time she just skull, maybe next time she just nose and then she nothing at all. Mumbo live in hope.


Voici les réponses aux questions de Grunty

Travis Dambrot

Grunty, I have a quick question, it won't take much of your time; how do you keep coming up with all these new rhymes?

okay, i'll admit that was corny :P

GRUNTY: I was born with a talent, a natural gift – disagree and I’ll slap you, don’t get me miffed!
-------------------------- -------------------------- -------------------------- ---------------
Casey McNally

It must be hard being just a head, but tell me your favorite t,v show or i will be in dread.

GRUNTY: My favourite show is Big Brother, you see, its stars are all as unpleasant as me!
-------------------------- -------------------------- -------------------------- ---------------
Sean Marchese

What was your home situation like? Do you have any brothers? Who was the favorite child? Also, any plans for a new, more mechanical lair? One more: what happened to your Gruntlings?

GRUNTY: Gruntlings are old-school, sluggish and lame! I’ve built some Gruntbots to win me this game!
Bothersome siblings, I have plenty. But who’s achieved more than good old Grunty?
-------------------------- -------------------------- -------------------------- ---------------
Baden Howell

So tell me Grunty looking back do you ever think kidnapping Tooty was a mistake?

Oh yeah and how does Piddles measure up when you compare her with Klungo?

GRUNTY: I don’t make mistakes, it was just bad timing. And Piddles is quiet – at last, no more whining!
-------------------------- -------------------------- -------------------------- ---------------
Sivert Fjeldstad Madsen

Why don't you just get a job and earn enough money to buy a new body, a nice house and maybe your own game? I guess that would take about equally as much time as you spend on trying to beat Banjo and Kazooie.

GRUNTY: Suggest some employment! Your wits are dull, if you think there are jobs crying out for a skull!
-------------------------- -------------------------- -------------------------- ---------------
Jay Moser

Why does Brentilda hate you? Is there some sort of childhood incident that ended up in her wanting to spill all sorts of secrets about you to strange bears and birds?

GRUNTY: Brenty’s too wet to really despise me, I’m surprised she’ll even criticise me.
She’s welcome to visit that hairy freak and idiot bird with the flapping beak!
-------------------------- -------------------------- -------------------------- ---------------
Darren Gargette

Question :

Is it fair to blame you for the drop,
of that mysterious feature, Stop N Swop?

GRUNTY: Your key and eggs, ungrateful dolts, can now used in Nuts & Bolts.
If, that is, you blindly paid to play B-K on Live Arcade!
-------------------------- -------------------------- -------------------------- ---------------
Thomas Starke

What do you think of Rare making you look that ugly?
Why do you always have to wear a scarf even if it's totally hot out there?
What makes your cat special?

GRUNTY: There’s more to her than the usual cat (she climbs the scarf to sleep on my hat).
Beauty is no longer something I nurse – I am what I am, for better or worse!
-------------------------- -------------------------- -------------------------- ---------------
Daniel James Bevis

Has the Witches Lair in Spiral Mountain always been there, and if so then who owned it before you?

Your interesting... pair of parents perhaps? [Do witches even have natural like parents or were you born in a cauldron?]

If you were to be invited to a party someplace, what would you wear? [i.e. what's your fave party get-up]

Lastly, since he left you to pursue his wannabe career in gaming, have you ever missed having Klungo around?

Were you two close [before then]?

Toodles oh warty one!

GRUNTY: Parties, I hate them, and people too! If no-one invites me, what’s that to you?
I found the Lair and made it my place – it wasn’t naturally shaped like my face!
As for Klungo, the brainless lug, I don’t need him or his ugly mug…
-------------------------- -------------------------- -------------------------- ---------------
David Rosenkranz

Gruntilda Winkybunion is fat and mean
Because she imagines herself as queen
But before she goes
Please, can she answer in prose:
How she behaved as a young, spell-casting teen.

GRUNTY: Upstart child! I do suppose that you meant 'rhyme' instead of 'prose'.
I learned with Mumbo, till the day I dissed his face and ran away –
So watch your mouth, you brat, because I'm evil as I ever was!
-------------------------- -------------------------- -------------------------- ---------------
Steven Jay Murray

Hello Grunty! I just want to say that you are one of my favorite villains ever! Here's my question: I've heard that in the begininning of Nuts & Bolts that you use your magic to take away Banjo and Kazooie's moves. So why didn't you just do that before, like when you had the showdown at the top of your lair? They would've been helpless! You could've easily dispatched them then!

GRUNTY: Your info’s bad, you three-named clown! It’s L.O.G. who smacks the heroes down!
But spells are off the menu too, and playing fair’s not what I do…
-------------------------- -------------------------- -------------------------- ---------------
Dave Hogan

GRUNTY! I always had a secret crush on you...anyway, i wanted to know what ever happened to your sister?

GRUNTY: I have so many, which one d’you mean? You’re right to like me, the Winkybunion queen!
-------------------------- -------------------------- -------------------------- ---------------
Ian Swenson

Why haven't you tried to steal Humba Wumba's beauty. I think she's far more appealing than Tootie but we haven't seen if Tootie has gone through puberty for Nuts and Bolts (Like Berri did for Conker's Bad Fur Day and like Tiny did for Diddy Kong Racing DS)

GRUNTY: Just because you flatter Humba doesn't mean you'll get her number!
These questions just keep getting worse, you Facebook lot are so perverse.
-------------------------- -------------------------- -------------------------- ---------------
Ben Dawson

Hello Gruntilda, and can I just say,
You're looking delightful in every way!
Not onto some questions, and if you don't mind,
I'm new to all this, so be rather kind!

Firstly this Banjo, what's with the hate?
He'd just lost his sister, so can't you relate?!
You stole her for beauty, he came to her aid,
If Tooty was mine, I'd do the same I'm afraid.

Then Bottles was killed in Banjo Tooie,
I found that injustice somewhat screwy!
So what's your thoughts on the jam-jarred geek?
Are we pleased that he's back? Tell me, do speak.

And finally, before I click post down below,
You do this for evil, but what about dough?
How do you survive, what's your part-time job?
It can't be just magic that puts food in your gob!

Thank you for reading, and before we now split,
I hope that you thought all my rhymes were not... rubbish!

GRUNTY: The bear’s a dumb peasant, call me snobby; evil’s my job as well as my hobby.
I’m too busy for the rest of this mail, so make it shorter – epic fail!
-------------------------- -------------------------- -------------------------- ---------------
Christopher Knopps

Hey there grunty, how've ya' been? It's good to see you back again! You look real fine, not changed a bit! Now here's a question I think you'll get!

You're old lair, it's gone to waist, but can we now look through the place? In BK2, the lair was blocked, by boulders and big heavy rocks, but now do tell, are they still there, or can we now travel straight through the lair?

That's my question, plain and clear, please give an answer, grunty dear. I ask you this question, while I bow and plea, so don't hold secrets back from me. I love you much, that's one thing clear, you read my rhyme, then stare and sneer. So don't hold back, come let it out! Reveal those secrets, you hold so dear.....

GRUNTY: You stay out of there, it’s private, okay? It’s pretty much trashed, but I’ll clean up one day!
-------------------------- -------------------------- -------------------------- ---------------
Michael Martin Baller

Who's controlling your body and will we see anymore magic?

GRUNTY: L.O.G. built it, I’m working out the kinks. No magic allowed, just vehicles – it stinks!
-------------------------- -------------------------- -------------------------- ---------------
Chris Carroll

Grunty, you're always after that Bear and Bird, even got to the Shaman, I've heard. You've made the duo travel far, I know it's because you're the REAL star.

Now for the question that I've come to ask, do you think you'll be able to kick the duo's a**?

I think you'll be able to whoop some butt, even get rid of that idiot in the hut!

GRUNTY: I'll be the best in Showdown Town if you put the controller down,
And leave it idle on the bed while I cosh Banjo 'round the head!
-------------------------- -------------------------- -------------------------- ---------------
Larry Keller

So, Ms. Winkybunion, why exactly did you kill your sisters when they lost the Tower of Tragedy quiz? I mean sheesh! Talk about ungrateful.

Also, what is it like continually losing more and more of your body every time you get beaten by Banjo and Kazooie?

GRUNTY: I’ve no time for whining losers, sibling beggars can’t be choosers!
A witch, a corpse, a skull, what’s next? A ghost? I’ll make you nervous wrecks!
-------------------------- -------------------------- -------------------------- ---------------
Larry Keller

Did you want to be a game show host as a child? You sure seem fond of them.

GRUNTY: Game shows might seem slightly cheesy, but splatting fools with questions: easy!
-------------------------- -------------------------- -------------------------- ---------------
Christopher Knopps

Hey there grunty, i'm back again, now take this question for a spin!

In BK2 you had a plan, to get you're flesh back on again, but now you've changed, from skel to skull, how can you live in just a bowl? Is it you're motive, to stay a bot, or will you try to get you're bod? Please answer this, my wicked witch, and don't skip out, I must know this!

GRUNTY: It must have taken quite some time to mess up every single rhyme!
As an enemy of enjoyment, are you looking for employment?
-------------------------- -------------------------- -------------------------- ---------------
Tony Rivera

I know you're a witch and you like being mean, but why is you're skin grotesquely green?

GRUNTY: This particular shade is ‘Swampwater Stink’, it’s a witchly tradition, who wants to be pink?
-------------------------- -------------------------- -------------------------- ---------------
John Paul Palaico

Dear ol' Grunty,

Who would win in a fight?
A Jinjo with a fork?
Or a Minjo with a spork?
I wonder which one would have more might in a fight?

-John Paul

GRUNTY: Jinjos? Not likely, they’re useless at fighting! Minjos go in kicking, gouging and biting!
-------------------------- -------------------------- -------------------------- ---------------
Samuel Banducci

Hey Grunty hows it going? My question will be what will be your new devious plan to take down Banjo and Kazooie? And how are your ways of still trying to take Tootys Beauty? so yah that was like more then 1 question would be perfect if you can answer both~

GRUNTY: You're clearly quite behind the times; at least there's no more dreadful rhymes!
Young Tooty hit her teenage years, a troubled time for honey bears.
So now she's got a better name – Miss Not-Appearing-In-This-Game !
-------------------------- -------------------------- -------------------------- ---------------
Andreas Nordvall

I keep forgetting, although I'm sure it appeared on the quiz,
with whom did you have your first kiss?

GRUNTY: That’s none of your business, you Nordic dumbo! I’ll tell you one thing: it sure wasn’t Mumbo.
-------------------------- -------------------------- -------------------------- ---------------
Jon Baller

Will you still be the rhyming Gruntilda we all know and love?

GRUNTY: You’ve read this far without realising that? You must be as thick as Pikelet is fat!


Voici les réponses aux questions du L.O.G.

Sean Marchese

What are your thoughts on an HD head upgrade? I mean, pong in 480i can only play on your face for so long, right? What do you do besides create games? Ever been on a great vacation? What do you do without...erm...hands?

L.O.G.: It’s actually a little something I call ‘Generic Paddle Tennis Game 5’. It’s my way of trying to appear unthreatening and approachable to my little video game children. I don’t do much besides making games. That’s why I’m called the Lord of Games, and not The Lord of Games and Mountain Biking or The Lord of Games and Weekend Breaks in Belgium.
-------------------------- -------------------------- -------------------------- ---------------
Larry Keller

How did you BECOME the Lord of Games? Is the floating monitor deal your true identity, or is it just how you communicate with everyone? If you have seen the past squabbles between Banjo & Kazooie and Grunty, why did you only just now decide to intervene and finish it your own way?

L.O.G.: An entity of my unfathomable nature has huge reserves of patience. However, even I have my breaking point, which turned out to be the moment that witch eventually found her way back to Spiral Mountain and kicked everything off again. Fortunately I’d already been working on the Game Globes project for some time. As for discovering my history and what I really look like, far more imposing characters than yourself have been denied that request, Larry.
-------------------------- -------------------------- -------------------------- ---------------
Sivert Fjeldstad Madsen

Since you've made every game... Did you actually beat Battletoads?

L.O.G.: I assume you mean that tunnel level with the hoverbike. I, er… well, of course I beat it. It’s not as if I or anyone else would release a game that couldn’t be finished with standard human reaction times.
-------------------------- -------------------------- -------------------------- ---------------
Jay Moser

Is there a Lady of Games? Or is that the plan... create a challenge Gruntilda is doomed to fail, so that she spends eternity with you in your video game factory?

I can see right through your plans.

L.O.G.: So impolite! There is already a Lady of Games, but she has her own preferences when it comes to genre and declined to be involved in my latest project. Banjo asked me about that recently – at least he has a small brain as an excuse for his rudeness.
-------------------------- -------------------------- -------------------------- ---------------
Thomas Starke

Why do you let it happen that prices are so different in Germany than the US?

Did you intend to make Banjo-Kazooie so double-sided where you could understand many things in a wrong way? And if so, what were your evil thoughts about that?

L.O.G.: Just because I’m a deity doesn’t mean you have free rein to blame me for economical fluctuations and the demented workings of your own mind.
-------------------------- -------------------------- -------------------------- ---------------
Tom Rowley

L.O.G- What other video games that you made inspired you when developing Nuts and Bolts?


L.O.G.: How can you expect me to choose just a few? I suppose you want me to say something like “yes, I was making this other sandbox vehicle creation game when I thought of Banjo, and Bob’s your uncle”, do you? Well, er, nothing could be further from the truth. I just happen to be blessed with the gift of constant inspiration.
-------------------------- -------------------------- -------------------------- ---------------
Chris Sillett

are there any plans to release a logbox 720 in the future? cheers :-)

L.O.G.: I make it a policy to be platform agnostic. Besides, I’ve been contacted by some upstarts in ill-fitting suits threatening me with legal action if I so much as think about it.
-------------------------- -------------------------- -------------------------- ---------------
Droo Rich0

hey man, do you like cheese? cuz i see you chill with de rats.

L.O.G.: Nobody understands me except my mice. Cheese gives me nightmares, and that’s when things like Taboo and Wheel of Fortune Junior Edition end up happening.
-------------------------- -------------------------- -------------------------- ---------------
Ian Swanson

Where do babies come from?

L.O.G.: I make them out of pixels soldered together with equal measures of growth potential and high-pitched screaming, then I add googly eyes. This method may not apply to all races.
-------------------------- -------------------------- -------------------------- ---------------
Christopher Knopps

So, this is what you look like up close huh? Well, it's a pleasure to meet you Lord Of Games! There is only one question I have that has made me curious ever since I played Banjo Kazooie ten years ago.

I was wondering, how long did it take for you to complete the spiral mountain hub-world when you created the first Banjo Kazooie game? Can you tell me what other ideas you thought of putting into spiral mountain during it's original creation? Like some extra waterfalls, or more rivers, stuff like that? Or maybe you planned on putting an extra mountain in? Please, do tell!

L.O.G.: What’s wrong with Spiral Mountain as it is? If this is a thinly veiled complaint that it doesn’t look quite the same in Nuts & Bolts as it did in Banjo-Kazooie, that’s called artistic licence. It’s my hub world and I’ll shuffle bits of it around as I see fit. I might even make it decidedly non-spirally and there’s not much you could do nothing about it except complain on forums.
-------------------------- -------------------------- -------------------------- ---------------
Steven Jay Murrey

Hey L.O.G (is the proper title L.O.G or LOG?)! I was wondering if you have any kind of business relationship with Klungo. Did you hire him to make games in Showdown Town? Are you grooming him to be your possible successor? What do you think of his games (Klungo Saves Teh World looks to be the game of the year!)?

And if you really did make every video game ever released...what in the world were you thinking when you made Superman 64?!

L.O.G.: Even I have deadlines sometimes, you know. The name is L.O.G. – you can call me LOG if you wish, but the impact of the acronym tends to get lost amidst the all-caps text of the Banjo games. I may have introduced Klungo, but since then he’s been free to choose his own career path. And having inspected that… that thing he’s been making in his little hideaway down at the pier, I suspect I may have short-changed the fellow in terms of talent. And looks.
-------------------------- -------------------------- -------------------------- ---------------
Dylan Barker

Having played and completed both Banjo games, Nuts and Bolts looks very promising, I'm only wondering will Gruntilda be the main enemy of this game or will you become it?

L.O.G.: Me, an enemy? No no, my dear boy, you must see me simply as a facilitator. Or a looming omniscient overlord, I’m not fussy. No, I must stress that this is (and always has been) the story of Banjo, Kazooie and Gruntilda… though I admit to a certain longing for that particular story to end, or at least to feature less shouting and arguing from now on.
-------------------------- -------------------------- -------------------------- ---------------
Samuel Banducci

O-o i dont remember this lord of games so what ranking are you in Halo 3 if your so good at Video Games? im a Major Grade 2 :D and are you good or evil to Banjo and Kazooie?

L.O.G.: What’s all this talk of evil? I may be occasionally fallible and self-indulgent – or so I’m told – but I certainly wouldn’t describe myself as evil. You don’t remember me because I’ve never shown myself before, not even when I was whipping you so hard at Halo 3 that you threw your controller at the wall and cried.
-------------------------- -------------------------- -------------------------- ---------------
Eric Plaisance

Dear Lord of Games,

Strictly out of curiosity, what lies behind your cloak? Am I not supposed to know?

L.O.G.: Imagine for a moment that you had a cloak of your own. What would lie behind that cloak? Because I can assure you that what’s behind mine is both more interesting and less deprived of sunlight and exercise.
-------------------------- -------------------------- -------------------------- ---------------
Tony Rivera
Dear Lord of Games,

Were you always the Lord of Games or did you have to climb up through the ranks?

L.O.G.: There are no ranks. There’s just me, and I’ve been the Lord of Games for as long as I can remember. Why, do you think it’s time for a change of title? The Mayor of Games, perhaps? Sensei? Cosmic Prince? Mack Daddy?
-------------------------- -------------------------- -------------------------- ---------------
Skye Reynolds

"Personal Interests:
Video games, the sole creation thereof. To be honest it doesn't leave much time for anything else."
So true.
ok, heres my BIG question:
if you're the lord of games, why did you wait this long (errr...10+ YEARS?) to appear?
and why pick on poor Banjo and Kazooie? what did they do to you?HMMM?
damnit man, ANSWER ME!
or are you even a man?are you FEMALE?^_^

L.O.G.: I am beyond such earthly distinctions. Unless you count the fact that my counterpart is the Lady of Games, which I suppose would make me superficially male. 10+ years? I’ve been around for a good while longer than that, I can assure you. I didn’t feel the need to appear before now, because I knew I’d face big shouty demands like this as soon as I broke the fourth wall. I think I might have to retcon everyone and go back to nice peaceful anonymity…


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